Good day to you all,

My name is Stefan,

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but Mum and Dad also call me Kitten because when they hold me and caress me I feel so wonderful and happy.

On February 16th, 2013 God made it possible for my parents dream to come true; it’s the day I came to life. I had only 2800g and 48,5cm.

My first day of life brought along, besides the happiness and joy of my parents, the beginning of this sad story.

Shortly after my birth I understood that it would be a while until I would be able to enjoy my childhood and to be similar to all other kids in the world.

My precocious jaundice was the start signal. On Day 6 I was admitted in Children Emergency Hospital “Marie Curie” with diagnostics of neonatal cholestatic syndrome. Literally my liver just wouldn’t function the right way.

Doctors here took care of me, feeded me through perfusions and put me back “on my feet” but my pale color wouldn’t go away and my jaundice became obstructive and presumptive diagnostics of hypoplasia and ductal paucity became more likely. Pretty much complicated.

My pediatrician recommended a surgery investigation and a hepatic biopsy to confirm the diagnostic. So, when I was just 2 months old, the doctors helped me to sleep for about 5 hours and to dream to my future childhood beauties.

During surgery, doctors discovered that I had no external biliary ducts and therefore they practiced the Kasai procedure to tie my intestine directly to the liver in order to evacuate biliary liquid (this intervention would not save my life but it would extend my life just a little bit).

Operation was a success but my post-operatory evolution wasn’t. My health status isn’t stabile (I was diagnosed with acute angiocolitis – inflammatory biliary ducts, poor growth, neonatal hepatitis, ductal hypoplasia and liver fibrosis).

Eventually the result of the liver biopsy taken during operation revealed the verdict. The medics from the Fundeni Surgery and Hepatic Transplant Centre agreed that the only thing that can save me now it’s an urgent liver transplant. It is the only thing that could offer me the chance to play with the other kids.

In Romania liver transplant for little babies as myself  is not possible yet, but mum and dad registered a file at the Ministry of Public Health in order to approve a liver transplant in other country. Unfortunately, the state covers only a part of the costs for a liver transplant. We yet do not know which clinic will agree to operate on me, but certainly, MY LIFE IS WORTH OVER 100000 EUR. (Apart from the intervention cost, I will have to pay the transportation fees, the preoperatory evaluation costs, the compatibility tests, postoperatory drugs and verifications and also the surgery and treatment for the liver donor)

Also I can not eat milk like all the other kids and I must feed with special milk formula designated for liver ill babies. A 400g Heparon Box costs 200 RON and I eat 10 boxes per month.

Today, although my health status is not too good and besides the fact I didn’t grow too much (I have only 7,70 kg at 11 months) I am a sturdy, cheerful and playful baby boy and above all optimistic.

Every day I promise to mum and dad I would be healthy soon.

Please help me to keep my promise to my parents and to banish the tears and the sadness from their faces.

Help us to be happy again as we were in Day 1.

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